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Riitta KLINT

My paintings on clay panels begin with thin veils of paint that drip, pool and congeal, and like nature, move out of my control, beautifully mysterious. I work intuitively within these initial drips and pools, searching for structure. Each successive stroke of paint or pencil mark continues to build a dreamlike otherworldly place. The mood is one of nature untamed, enchanting and rife with hidden secrets.

My paintings reflect my connection to the earth, its nature and its multiple dimensions. These paintings are abstract yet reference landscapes – not landscapes normally seen, but landscapes that appear on a threshold, waiting for the viewer to journey in.

In a continual transformation of material and medium into fantasy, a magical alchemy occurs.  This beckons the viewer to keep returning to pick up a new thread in a continuing conversation with the work.

My current work embraces the interconnectedness of the physical realm with the spiritual realm, in an elaborate tapestry of body and soul.

– Riitta Klint”

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